Mariner’s Makeover Not Done Yet

Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times has recently said that the Mariners have about $10M to use while continuing to improve their team this off-season. Given their chance to win, I wouldn’t be surprised to see ownership allow a slight increase over last year’s payroll. GM Jack Zduriencik’s exciting off-season has already transformed the team from one that could contend, to a team that is favored by many to win the AL West. And that is a definite possibility. Here’s a trio of players that could be brought in for a combined $10M in 2010:

Xavier Nady 1B/OF: Nady was only able to play in 7 games for the New York Yankees in 2009. However, the year before that, Nady played in 148 games and hit 25 home runs. If there is one thing the Mariners are currently lacking, it is power. After deciding to part ways with Russell Branyan, the team brought in defensive-minded first baseman Casey Kotchman. Nady, a righty, could form a perfect platoon situation with Kotchman, a lefty. Nady can also get innings in left to spell Milton Bradley and at-bats as the DH to rest Ken Griffey Jr.

Joe Beimel RP: Beimel is the best un-signed lefty reliever and Seattle does not have a late inning south-paw in their bullpen. The Mariners could use a guy who has played on two playoff teams in two years. During each of those seasons, Beimel pitched in 71 games and in 2007 he appeared in 83 games. Not to mention an ERA that has been below 3.9 since 2005. This is a match that makes almost too much sense.

Yorvit Torrealba C: Torrealba lost his chance to return to the Rockies when the team signed Miguel Olivo to fill his role. Torrealba has spent the last two seasons splitting time with Chris Iannetta behind the plate. In Seattle he would have a similar situation with catching prospect Adam Moore. The Mets are now rumored to be targeting Torrealba but the Mariners would provide him a much better opportunity. Though both teams are in tough divisions, the Mariners will be better and are closer to winning. The Mets are built for now, but not to win now.

This is already a winning team and Jack Zduriencik can make $10M go a long way. These three moves could all be had for rather in-expensive contracts and the team would be wise to give all three an option for 2011 as well.  

Do you agree with these ideas? What other moves make sense for the M’s given the remaining monetary funds?


  1. jeremariner

    I’ve put some thought into both Nady and Torrealba, but I can’t help but consider how thin the depth of the entire Mariners infield has become. They are basically one man deep (Jack Hannahan) at all of those positions combined since the departure of Bill Hall, so unless they are very aggressive with the 15-day DL and callups, they may be a bit vulnerable if Jack Wilson gets another injury — even if it’s a minor nagging one (which he has a history of getting). I’d like to see the Mariners acquire somebody with positional flexibility in both the infield and the outfield, like maybe a Hairston or Tatis type. And as much as I love Torrealba (the Rox are my NL team), we have four MLB-quality (albeit unspectacular) catchers in that boat already.
    I think at this point the M’s will be more concerned with quality than quantity. Their 25-man roster is getting pretty full, and in order to acquire all of these players they would have to drop three from the 25, which may jeopardize the already limited positional/bullpen flexibility they have now. I could see them trading, but adding too much without unloading might be more detrimental than beneficial at this point.
    I’d wager that they’re more serious about getting a #3 starting pitcher who will complement Felix and Lee and give them a more solid playoff rotation (knock on wood), and maybe a quality utility guy who can give our regulars a rest once in a while.
    Great ideas, but the pieces just don’t quiiite fit right now.

  2. raysrenegade

    There are still some great athletes still out there on the board and could make a great addition for the M’s.
    They have made some huge avenues with upgrades, but this division will be won in September, so depth might be the key.
    Joe Biemel mor even someone like Nady could be great upgrades. Even a hard thrower like Seth McClung or maybe even Brandon Backe and a plus is that both can either start or be a reliever might give some great options to the M’s rotation or Bullpen.

    Rays Renegade

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